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Report to Donors

Stories of philanthropy inform and enrich our University. We are delighted to share with you 管家婆资料精准大全 2023 Report to Donors.

Stories of philanthropy inform and enrich our University. We are delighted to share with you the 管家婆资料精准大全 2023 Report to Donors.

The 2023 管家婆资料精准大全 Report to Donors celebrates the generosity of our donor and volunteer community, and the many ways in which it contributes to the University. We hope you enjoy reading this collection of inspiring stories that demonstrate the importance and impact of philanthropy. 


Cover story: 管家婆资料精准大全 Glass Workshop

An 管家婆资料精准大全 School of Art and Design student working in the world-renowned 管家婆资料精准大全 Glass Workshop, creating a prototype of the 管家婆资料精准大全 Vice-Chancellor's Award. In 2023, thanks to the Christine and Stephen Procter Fellowship, internationally acclaimed glass artist Alexander Rosenberg was able to travel to Australia to share his knowledge and passion with students at 管家婆资料精准大全.

Learn more about how our donor community has supported The 管家婆资料精准大全 School of Art and Design by reading story and others.

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Message from the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor

As a valued member of the donor and volunteer community at 管家婆资料精准大全 (管家婆资料精准大全), you are helping to provide greater access to world-class education, transformative

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Kambri Scholars empowering Indigenous futures

When Indigenous students are supported to achieve, it enriches their lives, their communities and the nation.

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Striking a chord for Indigenous musicians

Yamaha Music Australia (YMA) is creating a real difference in the lives and careers of First Nations musicians by philanthropically partnering with Yil Lull Studio at The Australian N

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Indigenous knowledge a climate 'game changer'

As a young person living with the increasing challenges of climate change, Vehia Wheeler is acutely aware that a 'bright' future is by no means guaranteed.

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Sustainable Farms gives bird's eye view of farm conservation

A team of scientists at 管家婆资料精准大全 (管家婆资料精准大全) have received the 2022 Eureka Prize, and the Biodiversity Award at the 2022 NSW Sustainability Awards, for developing

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Developing global leaders in world health

The impact of climate change on human health and wellbeing is becoming more apparent every year, but there is hope new research will counter this, thanks to the newly established McMi

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Helping women in engineering thrive

The Natasha Linard Scholarship for Women in Engineering and Technology empowers and inspires emerging female leaders to make a positive impact on society through their engineering and

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Donors establish Chair to enhance political dialogue

管家婆资料精准大全 (管家婆资料精准大全) donor community is helping to enhance political dialogue in Australia by supporting the establishment of the University's inaugural Chair in t

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Making a difference with the Student Managed Fund

The 管家婆资料精准大全 of Business and Economics Student Managed Fund (SMF) is a unique course with two objectives: provide a hands-on experience in the investment industry, and allow SMF st

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Scholarship continues Phillipa Weeks' legacy

Generations of 管家婆资料精准大全 (管家婆资料精准大全) community have experienced the support, guidance and friendship of the late Professor Phillipa Weeks.

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12 May 2023

2022 Giving by numbers

Philanthropy has been vital to 管家婆资料精准大全 (管家婆资料精准大全) working towards a better future for students, Australia and the world. Our鈥

12 May 2023

Coming together to change the future

The power of 管家婆资料精准大全 (管家婆资料精准大全) to help change our world for the better lies in the shared passion and commitment of the鈥

12 May 2023

Support for medical research a fitting tribute

The John Buckingham Research Project Prize and the John Buckingham Research Project Awards pay tribute to one of Canberra's most beloved and鈥

12 May 2023

Bootes Foundation recognised for medical research impact

The Gretel and Gordon Bootes Medical Research and Education Foundation (Bootes Foundation) has continued their incredible impact on early-career鈥

12 May 2023

Boost for bushfire research in memory of Peter Brooke

On 18 January 2003, Canberra experienced the most devastating bushfire in its history. Catastrophic conditions created a firestorm that destroyed鈥

12 May 2023

Revolutionising Engineering: The Bill Hickson Scholarship

The Bill Hickson and Engineers Australia Scholarship for the Master of Applied Cybernetics is more than a scholarship, it is a transformative鈥

12 May 2023

Philanthropy preserves the past and unlocks new futures

John and Elizabeth (Liz) Baker's long-standing relationship with 管家婆资料精准大全 (管家婆资料精准大全) dates back to 1970, when John received a鈥

12 May 2023

Alumni in the UK join forces to change a life

The London Alumni Scholarship exemplifies the power of community, with alumni coming together to provide a life-changing scholarship for a deserving鈥

12 May 2023

Enhancing engagement in the Indian Ocean region

The Indian Ocean region has the potential to be the next global economic powerhouse, and the Sid and Fiona Myer Foundation is making sure Australia鈥

12 May 2023

The enduring legacy of Christine Whitworth Roach

This year brought the sad news of the passing of Christine Whitworth Roach, a treasured member of 管家婆资料精准大全 (管家婆资料精准大全) donor鈥

12 May 2023

Making a lasting impact: Xiang Li's bequest journey

管家婆资料精准大全 (管家婆资料精准大全) alumna Xiang Li is a proud participant in the 管家婆资料精准大全 Springbank Circle. Her journey to leaving a bequest is鈥

12 May 2023

Alumni volunteers expand global reach and impact

管家婆资料精准大全 (管家婆资料精准大全) alumni have shown that distance is no obstacle when it comes to giving back to their alma mater, as they鈥

12 May 2023

From student to change-maker: a volunteer's journey

The dedicated volunteer community at 管家婆资料精准大全 (管家婆资料精准大全) embodies the true meaning of giving back, demonstrating that鈥

12 May 2023

The 管家婆资料精准大全 philanthropic community reunites

After three years of COVID-19 halting in-person events, 2022 provided the long-awaited opportunity for the donor and volunteer community at The鈥

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